In restaurant construction, experience is the key. Restaurant construction is unlike any other and our team understands the unique aspects of all that is involved; from kitchen and food prep areas to carryout space and the detailed carpentry notable in fine restaurants.  We know how to meet the strict requirements for ventilation, fire protection and safety.  Our expert craftsmen routinely install stainless steel surfaces, kitchen and specialty equipment.  Bellwood NY, Inc. is proud to offer an Interior Construction team specializing in hospitality and restaurant facilities. This team excels in tight timelines and strict budget demands all the while delivering spaces that are beautiful and built to last.


The space where you do business is yet another way to reinforce your brand.  Our project team coordinates the needs of owners and tenants alike, we understand the unique requirements and time constraints of retail projects.  Delayed projects eat into sales and profits.  We understand that a grand opening cannot be postponed at the because construction is behind schedule. We will have your business ready on schedule; as promised.

Owner's rep


Bellwood NY, Inc. advises the owner on pre-construction and construction related issues pertaining to their project. These issues include but are not limited to planning, design, construction, costing and scheduling.  We take advantage of our extensive reach and relationship with exceptional design professionals and offer our clients alternative contract packages to design and build their project. We engage the design professionals from the start, meet with our clients on a regular basis to fine tune their design expectations, build and turnover the keys for their occupancy.